Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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Public Comments

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RGGI was designed through a transparent five-year process that included active engagement with stakeholders, technical experts, and the public. The public comments received by RGGI are available through the links

Comments address: General Comments, Auction Design, Model Rule, and Emissions and Leakage.


General Comments 

Summary Format Size Updated
Beta Analytic Inc. - Biomass Co-firing CO2 Emissions Monitoring PDF 58.2kb 12/06/06
Northeast GHG Coalition - Final Model Rule PDF 125kb 10/20/06
Energy and Environmental Alliance of New York - Allowance Allocations PDF 119kb 8/15/06
The Climate Trust - MOU Comments (Offsets) PDF 32kb 4/6/06
Dominion - Offsets Comments PDF 281kb 3/28/06
Edison Electric Institute - MOU Comments PDF 226kb 3/28/06
Business Council for Sustainable Energy - Model Rule Comments PDF 158kb 3/17/06
The Nature Conservancy - MOU Comments PDF 48kb 3/17/06
NRG Energy - MOU Comments PDF 75kb 3/17/06
Environment Northeast - Model Rule Recommendations PDF 59kb 2/14/06
Northeast GHG Coalition - Emissions Leakage and Offsets PDF 131kb 2/14/06
Pacific Forest Trust - Forestry Offsets PDF 159kb 12/19/2005
Letter from Wall Street Investment Bankers and Others Opposing Price Cap PDF 106kb 11/29/2005
Environment Northeast - Energy Modeling Results PDF 203kb 11/10/2005
National Grid - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 30.1kb 11/4/2005
Environmental Defense - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 25.7kb 10/18/2005
Environmental Defense - Sample Letter to Governors PDF 67kb 10/12/2005
American Wind Energy Association - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 36kb 10/4/2005
The Nature Conservancy - Sample Letter to Governors PDF 34.7kb 9/28/2005
Keyspan - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 201kb 9/27/2005
Dominion - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 407kb 9/27/2005
Northeast GHG Coalition - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 144kb 9/26/2005
Business Council for Sustainable Energy - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 133kb 9/26/2005
Nuclear Energy Institute - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 97.6kb 9/26/2005
Independent Power Producers of New York - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 183kb 9/23/2005
New England Council et al. - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 1mb 9/22/2005
The Wilderness Society - Forest Conservation and RGGI PDF 29.7kb 9/20/2005
National Association of State PIRGs - Offsets Comments PDF 254kb 9/20/2005
Edison Electric Institute - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 138kb 9/20/2005
National Grid - Allowance Allocation PDF 22.2kb 8/29/2005
National Grid - Allowance Allocation White Paper PDF 37.5kb 9/20/2005
The Nature Conservancy - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 39.1kb 9/19/2005
Center for Resources Solutions - Voluntary Renewable Energy Market and RGGI PDF 133kb 9/16/2005
Appalachian Mountain Club - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 249kb 9/16/2005
Joint Environmental Organization Letter - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 117kb 9/13/2005
Environment Northeast et al. - SWG Proposal Comments PDF 168kb 9/12/2005
EPRI Modeling (IPM) - Overview PDF 38.5kb 9/9/2005
EPRI Modeling (IPM) - Results PPT 191kb 9/9/2005
EPRI Modeling (IPM) Cap Scenario XLS 194kb 9/8/2005
EPRI Modeling (IPM) - Reduced Nuclear Scenario XLS 195kb 9/3/2005
EPRI Modeling (IPM) Reference Case XLS 194kb 8/31/2005
Letter of Support from Mayors in the 9-State Region PDF 90.8kb 8/24/2005
National Association of State PIRGs - Role of Energy Efficiency in Reducing CO2 Emissions in the NE PDF 197kb 8/24/2005
Edison Electric Institute - Energy Modeling Comments PDF 99.7kb 6/17/2005
Northeast GHG Coalition - Comprehensive Policy Recommendations PDF 1mb 5/9/2005
Nuclear Energy Institute - Role of Nuclear Energy in Reducing CO2 Emissions in the NE PDF 231kb 5/2005
Nuclear Energy Institute - IPM Modeling Comments PDF 82.5kb 4/22/2005
Environment Northeast et al. - Incorporating Energy Efficiency Programs into RGGI Design PDF 191kb 4/20/2005
Joint Utility Consumer Advocate Recommendations (ME, CT, NH) PDF 202kb 4/19/2005
District of Columbia, Office of People's Council - Rate Impacts PDF 36.8kb 4/13/2005
Center for Energy & Economic Development - Annapolis Center Natural Gas Report PDF 481kb 4/6/2005
Northeast GHG Coalition - Offsets Administration and Implementation PDF 85.1kb 4/1/2005
Northeast GHG Coalition - Regional Greenhouse Gas Registry Recommendations PDF 90.7kb 4/1/2005
Dominion - RGGI IPM Reference Case Modeling PDF 241kb 3/31/2005
Environment Northeast et al. - Comments on IPM Modeling Runs to Date PDF 412kb 3/9/2005
Center for Resource Solutions et al. - Incorporation of Renewables Sold in the Voluntary Market PDF 21.1kb 3/7/2005
The Nature Conservancy - Offset Policy Recommendations PDF 786kb 3/7/2005
Environmental Advocates of New York and the Association of State PIRGs et al. - Model Rule PDF 46.2kb 2/2/2005
Blue Source - Offsets PDF 35.7kb 1/28/2005
International Paper - Forest Sequestration Offsets PDF 143kb 1/19/2005
Keyspan - Offsets (Natural Gas Fuel Switching) PDF 62.8kb 1/7/2005
Northeast GHG Coalition - CO2 Cap Level and Timing PDF 192kb 12/13/2004
Northeast GHG Coalition - Key RGGI Principles PDF 183kb 12/13/2004
Northeast GHG Coalition - Electricity Imports and Leakage PDF 196kb 12/13/2004
Northeast GHG Coalition - Flexibility Mechanisms PDF 183kb 12/13/2004
Northeast GHG Coalition - Compliance and Enforcement PDF 184kb 12/13/2004
Environment Northeast & PACE Energy Project - Model Rule Comments: Outline, Key Issues, Modeling PDF 669kb 11/19/2004
NY Coalition, Energy Modeling Comments PDF 16.6kb 11/17/2004
AES - Assessment of Public Benefits Set-Aside Concept PDF 44.8kb 10/11/2004
Northeast GHG Coalition - Allowance Allocation Methodologies PDF 109kb 10/11/2004
Environment Northeast-Historical CO2 Data for the RGGI Region PDF 294kb 10/6/2004
Center for Resource Solutions - Renewable Energy PDF 66.2kb 9/9/2004
Center for Resource Solutions et al. - Detailed Renewable Energy Comments PDF 367kb 9/9/2004
National Association of State PIRGs - Offsets PDF 362kb 9/2004
Redefining Progress - Allowance Allocation PDF 130kb 9/2004
Union of Concerned Scientists/Environment Northeast-Energy Modeling (Renewable Energy Assumptions) PDF 115kb 8/20/2004
Union of Concerned Scientists/Environment Northeast-Energy Modeling PDF 115kb 8/20/2004
Maine Public Advocate - Macroeconomic Modeling PDF 152kb 8/18/2004
Nuclear Energy Institute - Energy Modeling PDF 21kb 8/6/2004
Nature Conservancy - Land-Based Offsets PDF 151kb 8/2004
International Paper - Offsets PDF 27kb 7/28/2004
Center for Energy & Economic Development - Charles River Associates RGGI Economic Analysis PDF 263kb 7/20/2004
Center for Resource Solutions, Integrating Renewable Energy into GHG Trading Programs PDF 514kb 6/2004
Massachusetts Climate Coalition PDF 16.1kb 6/2004
Center for Energy & Economic Development, Study of Alternative Allowance Allocation Methods and Costs PDF 152kb 6/2004
NY Environmental Coalition - RGGI Platform PDF 14.1kb 5/18/2004
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition - Offsets PDF 127kb 5/18/2004
Environment Northeast/UCS et al. - Detailed Energy Modeling Comments PDF 147kb 5/17/2004
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition, Allocation to Load Concept Memo (Regulatory Assistance Project) PDF 24.4kb 5/1/2004
Environment Northeast et al. - Modeling Guidelines PDF 307kb 4/6/2004
NY Coalition - General Comments PDF 17.6kb 4/2/2004
NY Coalition - Detailed Comments PDF 33.5kb 4/2/2004
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition - Model Rule Outline PDF 83.7kb 3/12/2004
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition - Emission Portfolio Standards PDF 207kb 3/12/2004
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition - Energy Modeling PDF 70kb 3/12/2004
Center for Energy & Economic Development - NE CO2 Analysis (Economic) PDF 196kb 8/2003
Center for Energy & Economic Development - NE CO2 Analysis (Environmental) PDF 130kb 8/2003


Comments on Auction Design 

Final Auction Design Study

Summary Format Size Updated
AES North America PDF 34.9kb 12/5/07
Barclays Capital PDF 81.5kb 12/5/07
Clean Water Action - Connecticut PDF 21.6kb 12/5/07
Clean Water Action - Rhode Island PDF 20.9kb 12/5/07
Conservation Law Foundation PDF 152kb 12/5/07
Constellation Energy PDF 73.6kb 12/5/07
Edison Electric Institute PDF 49.4kb 12/5/07
Entergy PDF 7.07mb 12/5/07
Environment Northeast PDF 276kb 12/5/07
FirstLight PDF 194kb 12/5/07
FPL Energy PDF 58.8kb 12/5/07
Independent Power Producers of New York PDF 148kb 12/5/07
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PDF 40.9kb 12/5/07
ISO-NE and NYISO PDF 181kb 12/5/07
Massachusetts Sierra Club PDF 21.8kb 12/5/07
Multiple Interveners PDF 54kb 12/5/07
New England Power Generators Association PDF 242kb 12/5/07
Northeast GHG Coalition PDF 130kb 12/5/07
Northeast Suppliers PDF 1.53mb 12/5/07
NRG Energy PDF 2.62mb 12/5/07
Pace University Energy Project PDF 17.9kb 12/5/07
Power Auctions PDF 39.1kb 12/5/07
The Nature Conservancy PDF 42.3kb 12/5/07
Union of Concerned Scientists PDF 101kb 12/5/07


Phase-I Auction Design Study

Summary Format Size Updated
Edison Electric Institute PDF 78.3kb 7/13/07
Environment Northeast PDF 267kb 6/28/07
FPL Energy PDF 23.6kb 6/28/07
Pace University Energy Project PDF 19.6kb 6/28/07
Independent Power Producers of New York PDF 116kb 6/28/07
Northeast Suppliers PDF 448kb 6/28/07
Dominion PDF 249kb 6/28/07
Northeast Greenhouse Gas Coalition PDF 186kb 6/28/07
Conservation Law Foundation PDF 122kb 6/28/07


Comments on Model Rule

RGGI received comments from stakeholders and the public on the Model Rule

Summary Format Size Updated
3 Phases Energy Services PDF 109kb 06/21/06
The Nature Conservancy (supplemental comments) PDF 93kb 06/21/06
Environment Northeast (supplemental comments) PDF 84kb 06/21/06
Appalachian Mountain Club PDF 118kb 05/23/06
NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd. PDF 58kb 05/23/06
Northeast Utilities PDF 300kb 05/23/06
Progress Materials Inc. PDF 37kb 05/23/06
NRG Energy PDF 528kb 05/23/06
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition PDF 211kb 05/23/06
Conservation Law Foundation PDF 119kb 05/23/06
C2I, LLC PDF 6,757kb 05/23/06
Natural Resources Defense Council PDF 40kb 05/23/06
Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter PDF 20kb 05/23/06
Center for Resource Solutions PDF 122kb 05/23/06
American Wind Energy Association PDF 34kb 05/23/06
Suez Energy Generation NA PDF 413kb 05/23/06
Public Service Enterprise Group PDF 61kb 05/23/06
International Paper Products Corporation PDF 378kb 05/23/06
Union of Concerned Scientists PDF 272kb 05/23/06
American Gas Association PDF 62kb 05/23/06
Caiteur Group Climate Change Institute PDF 152kb 05/23/06
Citizens Campaign for the Environment PDF 139kb 05/23/06
Clean Air Conservancy PDF 169kb 05/23/06
Clean Air Conservancy XLS 21kb 05/23/06
Multiple Individuals via Form E-Mail (#1 - 283 Submissions) PDF 13kb 05/23/06
Multiple Individuals via Form E-Mail (#2 - 141 Submissions) PDF 14kb 05/23/06
New York State Office of Attorney General PDF 68kb 05/23/06
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America PDF 2,472kb 05/23/06
Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound PDF 155kb 05/23/06
Consolidated Edison PDF 374kb 05/23/06
First Environment PDF 25kb 05/23/06
Clean Water Action PDF 22kb 05/23/06
New York State Catholic Conference PDF 26kb 05/23/06
Waste Management PDF 60kb 05/23/06
Conectiv Energy PDF 79kb 05/23/06
The New England Council et al. PDF 294kb 05/23/06
Redefining Progress PDF 51kb 05/23/06
FPL Group PDF 202kb 05/23/06
ISO New England PDF 37kb 05/23/06
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and Alliance to Save Energy PDF 150kb 05/23/06
Business Council PDF 55kb 05/23/06
Northeast Suppliers PDF 96kb 05/23/06
International Paper PDF 174kb 05/23/06
Massachusetts Climate Action Network PDF 141kb 05/23/06
Charles Vail Inc. PDF 24kb 05/23/06
Cogentrix Energy PDF 3,837kb 05/23/06
Pacific Forest Trust PDF 117kb 05/23/06
API PDF 378kb 05/23/06
Nuclear Energy Institute PDF 116kb 05/23/06
National Association of State PIRGs PDF 69kb 05/23/06
New York State Coalition of Energy and Business Groups PDF 50kb 05/23/06
The Nature Conservancy PDF 159kb 05/23/06
Maine Pulp & Paper Association PDF 34kb 05/23/06
Patrick Wang PDF 86kb 05/23/06
New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability PDF 27kb 05/23/06
Pace Law School Energy Project PDF 45kb 05/23/06
State of New Jersey Division of the Ratepayer Advocate PDF 82kb 05/23/06
Edison Electric Institute PDF 268kb 05/23/06
Ridgewood Renewable Power PDF 70kb 05/23/06
Independent Energy Producers of New Jersey PDF 41kb 05/23/06
Consumer Power Advocates PDF 51kb 05/23/06
The Adirondack Council PDF 84kb 05/23/06
Entergy PDF 700kb 05/23/06
New Jersey Environmental Lobby PDF 67kb 05/23/06
U.S. Combined Heat & Power Association PDF 333kb 05/23/06
Environmental Defense PDF 73kb 05/23/06
Multiple Intervenors PDF 69kb 05/23/06
East Coast Power, LLC PDF 61kb 05/23/06
National Grid PDF 732kb 05/23/06
UTC Power PDF 53kb 05/23/06
Public Utility Law Project PDF 13kb 05/23/06
City of New York and New York City Economic Development Corporation PDF 37kb 05/23/06
New York Energy Consumers Council PDF 166kb 05/23/06
WalMart PDF 740 05/23/06
Environmental Advocates of New York et al. PDF 72kb 05/23/06
Connecticut Industrial Energy Consumers PDF 61kb 05/22/06
The Wilderness Society PDF 30kb 05/22/06
Center for Energy and Economic Development PDF 57kb 05/22/06
Pew Center on Global Climate Change PDF 33kb 05/22/06
United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service PDF 53kb 05/22/06
Plug Power, Inc. PDF 23kb 05/22/06
International Emissions Trading Association PDF 123kb 05/22/06
Gifford Park Associates PDF 16kb 05/22/06
Green Delaware PDF 22kb 05/22/06
El Paso Corporation - Pipeline Group PDF 114kb 05/22/06
Conservation Services Group PDF 36kb 05/22/06
Clean Energy Group PDF 314kb 05/22/06
Hyder Consulting PDF 2049kb 05/22/06
Public Policy Committee of the Catholic Diocese of Rochester, NY PDF 22kb 05/22/06
Eastman Kodak Company PDF 15kb 05/22/06
AgCert Services, USA PDF 37kb 05/22/06
The Climate Trust PDF 195kb 05/22/06
Dominion PDF 674kb 05/22/06
Environment Northeast PDF 196kb 05/22/06
BrownRudnick PDF 178kb 05/22/06
National Wildlife Federation Regional Affiliates PDF 145kb 05/22/06
Keyspan PDF 203kb 05/22/06
Brian Aldrich, Cornell Manure Management Program PDF 133kb 05/22/06
Connecticut Forest and Park Association PDF 48kb 05/22/06
New York Farm Bureau PDF 21kb 05/22/06
Independent Power Producers of New York PDF 269kb 05/22/06
Pratt Industries PDF 96kb 05/22/06
AES PDF 155kb 05/18/06
Biotechnology Industry Organization PDF 276kb 05/09/06
Dominion PDF 946kb 05/09/06
Evolution Markets LLC PDF 50kb 05/09/06
Donald Gardner, Gardner Project Integration Group PDF 23 kb 4/26/06
Maryland Department of Natural Resources PDF 283kb 4/26/06
Multiple Environmental NGOs PDF 130kb 4/26/06
Chris Utzig (NYPIRG Board Member) PDF 12kb 4/26/06


Comments on Emissions Leakage

Comments on Staff Working Group Report Evaluating Potential Emissions Leakage

Summary Format Size Updated
Conservation Law Foundation PDF 105 kb 06/14/07
New York Independent System Operator PDF 75.8 kb 06/14/07
AES PDF 62 kb 05/21/07
APX PDF 174 kb 05/21/07
Northeast Suppliers PDF 920 kb 05/21/07
Connectiv Energy PDF 38 kb 05/21/07
Environment Northeast PDF 251 kb 05/21/07
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition PDF 41 kb 05/21/07
PSEG Services Corp. PDF 331 kb 05/21/07
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Locals 83 & 97 PDF 15 kb 05/21/07
Gabel Associates PDF 9 kb 05/21/07
New Jersey Department of the The Public Advocate, Division of Rate Council PDF 54 kb 05/21/07
Northeast Utilities System PDF 157 kb 05/21/07
Union of Concerned Scientists PDF 181 kb 05/21/07
World Resources Institute PDF 112 kb 05/21/07
Associated Industries of Massachusetts PDF 103 kb 05/21/07
Dominion PDF 20 kb 05/21/07
Independent Power Producers of New York PDF 154 kb 05/21/07
Edison Electric Institute PDF 315 kb 05/21/07
Unions for Jobs and the Environment PDF 2,948 kb 05/21/07