Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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Program Design Elements

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In support of the program review, the RGGI states conducted learning sessions and stakeholder meetings on key program design elements, such as compliance and cost containment mechanisms.


2012 Program Review Release Materials
Program Review Recommendations Summary 2/7/2013
Summary of RGGI Model Rule Changes 2/7/2013
Updated Model Rule 12/23/2013
Updated Model Rule (Redlined Version) 2/7/2013
Updated Forest Offsets Protocol 6/13/2013
Updated Forest Offsets Protocol (Redlined Version) 6/13/2013
Summary of Proposed Changes to RGGI Regional CO2 Allowance Budget 11/21/2013
Presentation: Preliminary Draft Model Rule 11/20/2012
Draft Model Rule Summary 11/20/2012
Preliminary Draft Model Rule 11/20/2012
Preliminary Draft U.S. Forests Offset Protocol 11/20/2012
Presentation: Program Design Concepts 10/18/2012
May 2012 Call for Stakeholder Comment 8/14/2012
Document: RGGI Program Operations Review for Stakeholder Comment 3/20/2012
Presentation: Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future 1/24/2012
Presentation: Olga Chistyakova, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon 1/24/2012
Presentation: Gary Gero, Climate Action Reserve 1/24/2012
Presentation: Brian Murray, Nicholas Institute of the Environment at Duke University 1/24/2012
Presentation: Rajinder Sahota, California Air Resources Board 1/24/2012
Presentation: Scott Subler, Environmental Credit Corp. 1/24/2012
Presentation: David Farnsworth, Regulatory Assistance Project 10/11/2011
Presentation: James Gallagher, NYISO 10/11/2011
Presentation: Michael Gerrard, Columbia Law School 10/11/2011
Presentation: Mark Karl, ISO New England 10/11/2011
Presentation: Scott Murtishaw, California PUC 10/11/2011
Presentation: Harry Singh, Goldman Sachs 10/11/2011
Presentation: Olga Chistyakova, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon 9/19/2011
Presentation: Context Around RGGI Discussions, Michel Di Capua, Bloomberg New Energy Finance 9/19/2011
Presentation: Cost Containment Mechanisms for RGGI, Karen Palmer, Resources for the Future 9/19/2011
Stakeholder Comment: N. Jonathan Peress, Conservation Law Foundation 9/19/2011
Reserve Price Analysis report 11/2010