Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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State Statutes & Regulations

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Each RGGI State's CO2 Budget Trading Program is based upon its own statutory and/or regulatory authority. Guided by the Model Rule, each state's regulations limit emissions of CO2 from electric power plants, establish participation in CO2 allowance auctions, create CO2 allowances and determine appropriate allowance allocations.

Below are links to each RGGI State's CO2 Budget Trading Program regulations and/or statutory authorities.



R.C.S.A. 22a-174-31: Control of Carbon Dioxides Emissions/CO2 Budget Trading Program

R.C.S.A. 22a-174-31a: Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Projects

Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 22a-200c: Implementation of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Auctioning of Allowances



1147: CO2 Budget Trading Program Regulations

Title 7, Chapter 60, of the Delaware Code, subchapter IIA, §6043



DEP Chapter 156: CO2 Budget Trading Program Regulations

DEP Chapter 158: CO2 Budget Trading Program Auction Provisions

Title 38, Chapter 3-B: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative



Subtitle 9: Maryland CO2 Budget Trading Program Rules

Environment Article, §§1-101, 1-404, 2-103, and 2-1002(g), Annotated Code of Maryland



310 CMR 7.70: CO2 Budget Trading Program Regulations

225 CMR 13.00: DOER CO2 Budget Trading Program Auction Regulation

M.G.L. c. 21A, § 22.


New Hampshire

Chapter Env-A 4600: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Budget Trading Program

Chapter Env-A 4800: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Allowance Auction Program

Chapter Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) 125-O:20-29p, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Chapter Env-A 4700 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Offset Projects

Also see: Chapter RSA 125-O:8, I(c)-(g), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Allowance Auctions  


New York

DEC Adopted Part 242: CO2 Budget Trading Regulations:

Subpart 242-1, 242-2, 242-3, 242-4, 242-5, 242-6, 242-7, 242-8, 242-9, 242-10

NYSERDA NYCRR Part 507 CO2 Allowance Auction Program Regulations


Rhode Island

Air Pollution Control no. 46: CO2 Budget Trading Program

Air Pollution Control no. 47: CO2 Budget Trading Allowance Distribution

R.I. Gen. Laws §42-17.1-2(19), §23-23 and §23-82 (as amended)



Vermont CO2 Budget Trading Program Regulations

Vermont Auction Procedures

Title 30 V.S.A. § 255