Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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These pages are a gateway for regulated entities, other market participants, and interested observers to access program information, materials, and data.

CO2 Allowance Auctions: The RGGI States distribute nearly all CO2 allowances through quarterly, regional CO2 allowance auctions. Enter here to access auction participation instructions, bidder qualification materials, previous auction results and the schedule of upcoming auctions.

CO2 Emissions & Allowance Tracking: RGGI COATS is the electronic platform that records and tracks data for each state's CO2 Budget Trading Program. RGGI COATS facilitates participation in the CO2 allowance market and enables the public to view, customize, and download reports of RGGI program data and CO2 allowance market activity.

Market Monitor: The independent market monitor, Potomac Economics, monitors the performance and efficiency of the RGGI CO2 allowance auctions and the secondary CO2 allowance market. The market monitor issues reports immediately following each RGGI CO2 allowance auction and following each quarter on the secondary market.

CO2 Offsets: A CO2 offset represents project-based greenhouse gas emissions reductions or carbon sequestration achieved outside of the capped electricity sector. RGGI States currently allow regulated power plants to use a carefully chosen group of qualifying offsets to meet up to 3.3 percent of their compliance obligations. Learn more here.