Landfill Methane

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Landfill Methane Capture and Destruction projects capture and destroy methane (CH4) at solid waste landfills. Emissions reductions are determined based on avoided fugitive methaneemissions that would have occurred at the landfill in the absence of the offset project, and are measured based on metered methane collected from the landfill and destroyed through combustion by a flare, industrial combustion, or electric generation.

To qualify for the award of CO2 offset allowances, Landfill Methane offset projects may not occur at landfills that are subject to the federal New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for municipal solid waste landfills.  Other significant regulatory requirements also apply to project eligibility.

For more information, please consult state regulations.

Parties evaluating potential offset projects in multiple RGGI States should also consult the Model Rule, which was the basis for the development of individual state regulations.  Note that the Model Rule is provided for informational purposes only, and state regulations apply.

For relevant state offset project application instructions and materials, please see Application Process.