Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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RGGI Benefits

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The RGGI states issue CO2 allowances which are distributed almost entirely through regional auctions, resulting in proceeds for reinvestment in strategic energy and consumer programs. Programs funded with RGGI investments have spanned a wide range of consumers, providing benefits and improvements to private homes, local businesses, low-income housing, industrial facilities, community buildings, retail customers, and more.

Released in April 2015, the Investment of RGGI Proceeds through 2013 report tracks the investment of the RGGI proceeds and the benefits of these investments throughout the region. The report estimates a return of more than $2.9 billion in lifetime energy bill savings to more than 3.7 million participating households and 17,800 businesses. A brief Fact Sheet summarizes the findings of the report, and State Pages show individual programs and investments in each RGGI state.

More than $1 billion in RGGI auction proceeds were invested in programs including energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy, greenhouse gas abatement, and direct bill assistance. Energy efficiency continued to receive the largest share of investments, and has been widely proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce pollution while driving economic growth.