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RGGI-region DE 2012
Delaware has invested the majority of its CO2 allowance proceeds in energy efficiency and renewable energy programs administered by the Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU). The SEU is a nonprofit organization created to help Delawareans and Delaware businesses save money through clean energy and energy efficiency.
DE InvestmentsByCategory 2012

SEU programs include incentives for energy efficient new construction through their Green 4 Green Program, energy efficient measures for existing construction, consumer rebates for ENERGY STAR® approved appliances; and subsidized energy auditing and rebates for whole-house energy saving retrofits through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. In 2012, the SEU also sponsored a LED lighting pilot program for 26 poultry farms — a major agriculture sector throughout the state. SEU estimates that the installation of these LED bulbs will provide Delaware poultry farmers with approximately 890 MWh of projected annual electricity savings.

Delaware has invested approximately 21 percent of its cumulative-to-date investments in low-income home weatherization and low-income heating assistance, implemented by the Delaware Division of Energy and Climate housed in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC). DNREC also administers a GHG reduction grant program which supports a variety of emission reduction projects with businesses, schools, non-profits, and local governments across the state.

Delaware is also investing funds to further develop its climate policy and program capabilities in its Division of Energy and Climate. The Division works on a variety of climate change mitigation, adaptation, and land use related projects and policies. Recently, the Division completed Delaware specific climate projections and an impact assessment, which will help direct future climate decisions throughout the state.

Program Highlight: The Delaware Weatherization Assistance Program

The Delaware Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is dedicated to assisting low income Delawareans reduce energy costs and increase comfort and safety in their homes through energy efficiency measures. Ensuring the health and safety of WAP clients is also a major part of the Program. The RGGI proceeds are integral to Delaware's Weatherization Assistance Program by providing direct resources for increasing residential energy efficiency across the State, reducing the carbon footprint of Delaware's housing stock, and ensuring that homes in Delaware are safe and affordable. The RGGI proceeds have allowed 104 homes in Delaware to be weatherized since 2010.