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New Hampshire

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In 2013, New Hampshire invested approximately $9.1 million in RGGI allowance proceeds to its Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF), which, in conjunction with the System Benefits Charge, funds efficiency programs administered by state’s electric utility companies. Legislative changes beginning in 2013 revised the state’s RGGI proceeds investment plan leading to approximately $9.7 million providing direct bill assistance to NH electric consumers.  

In 2013, $8.2 million from the Energy Efficiency Fund was used to expand programs run by the four New Hampshire electric utilities, enabling them to:

  • Weatherize 444 income-eligible homes and 141 high energy use homes.
  • Work with builders to certify 113 of their new homes as ENERGY STAR.
  • Incent the purchase of 137 high-efficiency appliances.
  • Help New Hampshire residents purchase and install 77,172 CFL or LED light bulbs.
  • Upgrade to highly efficient equipment at 455 businesses and municipalities.
  • Host workshops throughout the state educating code officials, home builders, homebuyers, realtors and more on the energy code and how to build above code.

These projects will save 281,313 MWH of electricity and 829,256 MMBtus over the expected life of the energy efficient equipment improvements. Projected lifetime energy savings due to 2013 spending is expected to be approximately $83 million.

Program Highlight:  Income Eligible Weatherization Projects
Income-eligible weatherization in New Hampshire receives funding from the federal Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program and from the Energy Efficiency Fund. In 2013, New Hampshire increased the per home weatherization cap from $5,000 to $8,000 to ensure the state-wide programs could completely service the homes.  

The expanded income-eligible weatherization program utilized $2.4 million from the EEF to weatherize an additional 444 homes owned or occupied by income-eligible customers.  In addition, if these homes had a failed heating system, it was replaced during the weatherization project. The success of the expanded program was due to a collaborative effort among the NH Office of Energy & Planning, NH Community Action Agencies, the NH Public Utilities Commission, and the NH electric utilities who implemented the program.

The weatherization services provided residents with an estimated savings of 150 gallons of heating oil per year, worth nearly $500 at $3.25 per gallon. “The Energy Efficiency Funds, along with the program enhancements, created significant energy savings that helped participating customers live more comfortably in their homes and enabled them to use the dollar savings for other living expenses,” said Ryan Clouthier, Southern NH Services Community Action Agency.