Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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Staff Working Group

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The Staff Working Group, comprised of representatives from each of the participating states, cooperated to develop documents and analysis to assist each state's implementation of its own CO2 Budget Trading Program.

Below find links to a collection of those documents. 

RGGI Staff Working Group Documents

Summary Format Size Updated
Staff Working Group Package Proposal PDF 19.8kb 8/24/2005
Staff Working Group Recommendations at a Glance PDF 36.9kb 8/24/2005
Update on the Status of RGGI PDF 19.8kb 4/6/2005
RGGI Flowchart PDF 78.9kb 2/2/2005
Preliminary Staff Working Group Decision Timeline PDF 12.9kb 7/26/2004
RGGI Action Plan PDF 15.7kb 3/2/2004
RGGI Projects-by-Month PDF 11.3kb 1/23/2004
Draft Outline of Stakeholder Process PDF 11.3kb 1/18/2004
Update on Stakeholder Process Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 17.9kb 1/16/2004
Update on Energy Modeling Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 27.2kb 1/16/2004
Update on Technical Data & Analysis Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 34.3kb 1/16/2004
Update on Model Rule Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 22.8kb 1/16/2004
Update on Cost-Benefit Analysis Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 20.8kb 1/16/2004
Recommendation on Setting a Base Year PDF 23.1kb 1/16/2004
Model Rule Outline & Identification of Key Policy Decisions PDF 22.8kb 12/12/2003