Auction Materials

This page contains the Auction Notice, information for potential bidders, and application materials for the 46th quarterly RGGI carbon dioxide (CO2) allowance auction, to be held on December 4, 2019. The deadline for submitting the Qualification Application and Intent to Bid for RGGI CO2 Allowance Auction 46 is October 23, 2019.


  Document Format Updated
1 Auction Notice for CO2 Allowance Auction 46 PDF 10.8.19
2 Auction Qualification Application DOCX 10.8.19
3 Intent to Bid for CO2 Allowance Auction 46 DOCX 10.8.19
4 Auction Notice, Appendix A - Form of Bid Bond DOCX 10.8.19
5 Auction Notice, Appendix B - Wire Transfer Remittance Form DOCX 10.8.19
6 Auction Notice, Appendix C - Certified Funds Remittance Form DOCX 10.8.19
7 Auction Notice, Appendix D - Form of Irrevocable Letter of Credit DOCX 10.8.19
8 Auction Notice Appendix G - Secondary Authorized Auction Representative Authorization Form DOCX 10.8.19
9 Auction 46 Schedule PDF 10.8.19
10 Frequently Asked Questions PDF 4.9.19
11 Public Information Webinar Instructions PDF 10.8.19
12 Public Information Webinar Slides PDF 10.8.19
13 Public Information Webinar Recording WMV 10.10.19

Public Information Webinar

Question Window

The online question window will open at 10:00 AM ET on Tuesday, October 8. Questions can be sent to If needed, an updated FAQ document will be posted.

Auction Platform

Each qualified applicant receives a unique username and password to access the Auction Platform. The RGGI CO2 Budget Trading Programs Auction Manager issues the username and password to the designated Primary Authorized Auction Representative (PAAR) of the qualified applicant. The applicant may choose to designate a Secondary Authorized Auction Representative (SAAR), but only one username and password are provided per qualified applicant.

As described in the Auction Notice, interactive auction platform training webinars are available to qualified applicants during each auction cycle. New applicants or applicants whose PAAR and/or SAAR have changed are strongly encouraged to participate in these training webinars. The slides for these webinar sessions may be viewed here:

Auction Platform Training Slides

For any questions related to usernames and/or passwords, please contact the RGGI CO2 Budget Trading Program Auction Manager at:

RGGI CO2 Budget Trading Programs Auction Manager
c/o Enel X North America Inc.
One Marina Park Drive, Suite 400
Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 703.795.8927

Previous Auction Notices

Auction notices and materials from previous auctions are available in zip-file format in this Archive.

These documents are provided for reference only and may not be used to participate in upcoming auctions. For participation in the current auction, use the auction materials above.