Program Review

Public listening session on October 5: Register here to attend a virtual public listening session to learn about Program Review and give feedback to the RGGI states. View the Meeting Notice and the “Meeting Materials” section below for more information. 

The RGGI participating states are committed to comprehensive, periodic review of their CO2 budget trading programs, to consider successes, impacts, and design elements (Program Review). The RGGI states completed the First Program Review in February 2013 and completed the Second Program Review in December 2017, resulting in the 2017 Model Rule. Now the states have initiated the Third Program Review to consider further updates to their programs.

Third Program Review

On February 2, 2021, the RGGI states released a statement announcing the plan for the Third Program Review, and in Summer 2021 the states released a preliminary timeline for conducting the Third Program Review. Note that this timeline is subject to change and may be revised over time.

To support the Third Program Review, the states will:

  • Conduct technical analyses, including electricity sector modeling, to inform decision-making related to core Program Review topics, such as the regional CO2 emission cap.
  • Solicit input from communities, affected groups, and the general public on the Program Review process and timeline, core topics and objectives, modeling assumptions and results, and other policy and design considerations.
  • Convene independent learning sessions with experts and other interested parties on key design elements.

Public Engagement

Public participation is a key component of a successful Program Review. The RGGI states will conduct public engagement throughout Program Review, including periodic public meetings and accompanying open comment periods, to share updates and solicit public feedback. Public meetings may be held either in-person or remotely via phone and webinar, depending on public health guidance.

Public engagement opportunities during Program Review will be shared on this webpage and announced via the RGGI Mailing List.

Meeting Schedule

The following schedule reflects meetings held and currently scheduled for Program Review. The schedule will be updated as additional meetings are scheduled.

Meeting Date


October 5, 2021 Public Listening Session Remote

Meeting Materials

The below materials accompanied meetings and announcements throughout the Program Review process.

October 5, 2021 Public Listening Session

Format Released
Meeting Notice PDF 9.13.21
Meeting Agenda PDF 9.13.21
Topics for Public Consideration PDF 9.13.21