Under each RGGI state's CO2 Budget Trading Program, sources (fossil-fueled power plants 25MW and larger located within the RGGI participating states) are required to possess CO2 allowances equal to their CO2 emissions over a three-year control period.

A CO2 allowance represents a limited authorization to emit one ton of CO2 , as issued by a respective State. Each RGGI state's environmental regulatory agency uses RGGI COATS to determine compliance with state CO2 Budget Trading Program regulations, by comparing a source’s covered emissions with the allowances held in their compliance account.

The RGGI program is currently in its fourth three-year control period. Three-year control periods have proceeded as follows:


Three-Year Control Period Start Date End Date
Fourth Control Period Jan. 1, 2018 Dec. 31, 2020
Third Control Period Jan. 1, 2015 Dec. 31, 2017
Second Control Period Jan. 1, 2012 Dec. 31, 2014
First Control Period Jan. 1, 2009 Dec. 31, 2011


The RGGI participating states are Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The state of New Jersey participated in the first control period and resumed its participation in 2020.

Compliance is evaluated at the end of each three-year control period. Starting in the third control period, the RGGI states have also conducted interim control period compliance, which requires each CO2 budget source to hold allowances equal to 50 percent of their emissions during each interim control period (the first two calendar years of each three-year control period).

To learn more about the 2019 interim control period CO2 budget source compliance process, please see the documents below.

RGGI COATS provides public reports of compliance data.


2019 Interim Control Period Compliance Documents Format Updated
2019 Interim Control Period Compliance Checklist PDF 1.3.20
2019 Interim Control Period Compliance Fact Sheet PDF 4.8.19
2019 Interim Control Period Compliance FAQ PDF 1.3.20
Interim Control Period Compliance Webinar Recording WMV 9.28.18


Interim Control Period Compliance Webinar