Investments of Proceeds

The RGGI states issue CO2 allowances which are distributed almost entirely through regional auctions, resulting in proceeds for reinvestment in strategic energy and consumer programs. Programs funded with RGGI investments have spanned a wide range of consumers, providing benefits and improvements to private homes, local businesses, multi-family housing, industrial facilities, community buildings, retail customers, and more.

Released in October 2019, The Investment of RGGI Proceeds in 2017 report tracks the investment of the RGGI proceeds and the benefits of these investments throughout the region. The lifetime benefits of RGGI investments made in 2017 include:

  • $1.4 billion in lifetime energy bill savings
  • 13.9 million MWh of electricity use avoided
  • 22.6 million MMBtu of fossil fuel use avoided
  • 8.3 million short tons of CO2 emissions avoided

These benefits are limited to the direct benefits arising from specific 2017 projects, and do not include larger macroeconomic effects that may occur as a result of the RGGI cap and market signal.

Proceeds were invested in programs including energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy, greenhouse gas abatement, and direct bill assistance. Energy efficiency continued to receive the largest share of investments.

The report also contains a brief summary of cumulative RGGI investments and their benefits.


Report Date
Investment of RGGI Proceeds in 2017 Oct. 2019
Investment of RGGI Proceeds in 2016 Sept. 2018
Investment of RGGI Proceeds in 2015 Oct. 2017
Investment of RGGI Proceeds through 2014 Sept. 2016


Cumulative numbers in past reports will not be updated over time.  Any cumulative numbers are superseded by newer reports.