Judith Judson

  • Director, RGGI, Inc. Board of Directors
  • Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources

Judith Judson was appointed as Commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources in April 2015.  Prior to joining the DOER, Judith worked at Customized Energy Solutions as Director of Emerging Technologies for the U.S. where she advised clients on the use of innovative technologies to cost-effectively modernize the US electric grid.   Judith joined Customized Energy Solutions from Massachusetts-based clean energy technology company, Beacon Power LLC, where she served as Vice President of Asset Management and Market Development.  As a nationally recognized expert on energy storage, Judith has participated in numerous hearings and technical conferences at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Previously Judith served as Chairman and Commissioner of the Massachusetts Public Utilities Commission during the Romney Administration.  She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University.