Program Review Stakeholder Comments

The comments on this page were submitted by stakeholders as part of the ongoing Third Program Review process, following a series of stakeholder meetings.

For materials from these meetings and more information about program review, see the Program Review page.

December 13 & 15, 2021 Public Meetings

Format Released
Conservation Law Foundation PDF 1.18.22
Environmental Defense Fund PDF 1.18.22
Jared Hanson PDF 1.18.22
Kathleen Quinn PDF 1.18.22
Melissa Swanepoel PDF 1.18.22
Middletown for Clean Energy, NJ PDF 1.18.22
Natural Resources Defense Council PDF 1.18.22
Olivia Yu PDF 1.18.22
Steven Lithway PDF 1.18.22
Angelina Donhoff PDF 1.5.22
Exelon PDF 1.5.22
League of Women Voters of Delaware PDF 1.5.22
John Walkey, Green Roots Meeting Recording 1.5.22
Bruce Ho, Natural Resources Defense Council Meeting Recording 1.5.22
Peggy Schultz, League of Women Voters of Delaware Meeting Recording 1.5.22
Daniel Chu, NYC Environmental Justice Alliance Meeting Recording 1.5.22
Jordan Stutt, Acadia Center Meeting Recording 1.5.22


November 8, 2021 Stakeholder Meeting

Format Released
Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) PDF 12.8.21
Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) PDF 12.8.21
Conservation Law Foundation PDF 12.8.21
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) PDF 12.8.21
Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) PDF 12.8.21
Organizations Representing Frontline Communities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania PDF 12.8.21
Partnership for Policy Integrity (PFPI) PDF 12.8.21
Shell Energy North America PDF 12.8.21
Southern Environmental Law Center PDF 12.8.21
TigerGenCo PDF 12.8.21
Jeanette Swain PDF 11.16.21
Dora Williams Meeting Recording 11.8.21
Lucas Grimes, Center for Resource Solutions Meeting Recording 11.8.21


October 5, 2021 Stakeholder Meeting

Format Released
Jean Public PDF 12.8.21
Competitive Power Ventures, Inc. PDF 11.16.21
League of Women Voters of Delaware PDF 10.21.21
Roger Caiazza, Supplemental Comments PDF 10.21.21
Roger Caiazza, Initial Comments PDF 10.12.21
Timmons Roberts, Brown University PDF 10.12.21
Bruce Ho, Natural Resources Defense Council Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Chris Phelps, Environment Connecticut Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Conor Bambrick, Environmental Advocates NY Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Drew Stilson, Environmental Defense Fund Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Jordan Stutt, Acadia Center Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Kai Salem, Green Energy Consumers Alliance Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Laura Haight, Partnership for Policy Integrity Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Nate Benforado, Southern Environmental Law Center Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Paul Roselli, Burrillville Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Phelps Turner, Conservation Law Foundation Meeting Recording 10.5.21
Richmond Mayo-Smith, Climate Finance Partners Meeting Recording 10.5.21