Original Stakeholder Comments

RGGI was designed through a transparent five-year process that included active engagement with stakeholders, technical experts, and the public. The public comments received by RGGI are available through the links below.

Topical Comments

RGGI received specific comments on auction design, the Model Rule, and emissions leakage.

Final Auction Design Study (24 comments)ZIP10.8 MB12.5.07
Phase I Auction Design Study (9 comments)ZIP1.3 MB7.13.07
Emissions Leakage (14 comments)ZIP1.6 MB6.14.07
Model Rule (109 comments)ZIP24.9 MB6.21.06


General Comments 

The following comments were submitted regarding general RGGI design.

Beta Analytic Inc. - Biomass Co-firing CO2 Emissions MonitoringPDF58 KB12.06.06
Northeast GHG Coalition - Final Model RulePDF125 KB10.20.06
Energy and Environmental Alliance of New York - Allowance AllocationsPDF119 KB8.15.06
The Climate Trust - MOU Comments (Offsets)PDF32 KB4.6.06
Dominion - Offsets CommentsPDF281 KB3.28.06
Edison Electric Institute - MOU CommentsPDF226 KB3.28.06
Business Council for Sustainable Energy - Model Rule CommentsPDF158 KB3.17.06
The Nature Conservancy - MOU CommentsPDF48 KB3.17.06
NRG Energy - MOU CommentsPDF75 KB3.17.06
Environment Northeast - Model Rule RecommendationsPDF59 KB2.14.06
Northeast GHG Coalition - Emissions Leakage and OffsetsPDF131 KB2.14.06
Pacific Forest Trust - Forestry OffsetsPDF159 KB12.19.05
Letter from Wall Street Investment Bankers and Others Opposing Price CapPDF106 KB11.29.05
Environment Northeast - Energy Modeling ResultsPDF203 KB11.10.05
National Grid - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF30 KB11.4.05
Environmental Defense - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF26 KB10.18.05
Environmental Defense - Sample Letter to GovernorsPDF67 KB10.12.05
American Wind Energy Association - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF36 KB10.4.05
The Nature Conservancy - Sample Letter to GovernorsPDF35 KB9.28.05
Keyspan - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF201 KB9.27.05
Dominion - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF407 KB9.27.05
Northeast GHG Coalition - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF144 KB9.26.05
Business Council for Sustainable Energy - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF133 KB9.26.05
Nuclear Energy Institute - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF98 KB9.26.05
Independent Power Producers of New York - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF183 KB9.23.05
New England Council et al. - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF1 MB9.22.05
The Wilderness Society - Forest Conservation and RGGIPDF30 KB9.20.05
National Association of State PIRGs - Offsets CommentsPDF254 KB9.20.05
Edison Electric Institute - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF138 KB9.20.05
National Grid - Allowance AllocationPDF22 KB8.29.05
National Grid - Allowance Allocation White PaperPDF38 KB9.20.05
The Nature Conservancy - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF39 KB9.19.05
Center for Resources Solutions - Voluntary Renewable Energy Market and RGGIPDF133 KB9.16.05
Appalachian Mountain Club - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF249 KB9.16.05
Joint Environmental Organization Letter - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF117 KB9.13.05
Environment Northeast et al. - SWG Proposal CommentsPDF168 KB9.12.05
EPRI Modeling (IPM) - OverviewPDF39 KB9.9.05
EPRI Modeling (IPM) - ResultsPDF92 KB9.9.05
EPRI Modeling (IPM) Cap ScenarioXLS194 KB9.8.05
EPRI Modeling (IPM) - Reduced Nuclear ScenarioXLS195 KB9.3.05
EPRI Modeling (IPM) Reference CaseXLS194 KB8.31.05
Letter of Support from Mayors in the 9-State RegionPDF91 KB8.24.05
National Association of State PIRGs - Role of Energy Efficiency in Reducing CO2 Emissions in the NEPDF197 KB8.24.05
Edison Electric Institute - Energy Modeling CommentsPDF100 KB6.17.05
Northeast GHG Coalition - Comprehensive Policy RecommendationsPDF1 MB5.9.05
Nuclear Energy Institute - Role of Nuclear Energy in Reducing CO2 Emissions in the NEPDF231 KB5.05
Nuclear Energy Institute - IPM Modeling CommentsPDF83 KB4.22.05
Environment Northeast et al. - Incorporating Energy Efficiency Programs into RGGI DesignPDF191 KB4.20.05
Joint Utility Consumer Advocate Recommendations (ME, CT, NH)PDF202 KB4.19.05
District of Columbia, Office of People's Council - Rate ImpactsPDF37 KB4.13.05
Center for Energy & Economic Development - Annapolis Center Natural Gas ReportPDF481 KB4.6.05
Northeast GHG Coalition - Offsets Administration and ImplementationPDF85 KB4.1.05
Northeast GHG Coalition - Regional Greenhouse Gas Registry RecommendationsPDF91 KB4.1.05
Dominion - RGGI IPM Reference Case ModelingPDF241 KB3.31.05
Environment Northeast et al. - Comments on IPM Modeling Runs to DatePDF412 KB3.9.05
Center for Resource Solutions et al. - Incorporation of Renewables Sold in the Voluntary MarketPDF21 KB3.7.05
The Nature Conservancy - Offset Policy RecommendationsPDF786 KB3.7.05
Environmental Advocates of New York and the Association of State PIRGs et al. - Model RulePDF46 KB2.2.05
Blue Source - OffsetsPDF36 KB1.28.05
International Paper - Forest Sequestration OffsetsPDF143 KB1.19.05
Keyspan - Offsets (Natural Gas Fuel Switching)PDF63 KB1.7.05
Northeast GHG Coalition - CO2 Cap Level and TimingPDF192 KB12.13.04
Northeast GHG Coalition - Key RGGI PrinciplesPDF183 KB12.13.04
Northeast GHG Coalition - Electricity Imports and LeakagePDF196 KB12.13.04
Northeast GHG Coalition - Flexibility MechanismsPDF183 KB12.13.04
Northeast GHG Coalition - Compliance and EnforcementPDF184 KB12.13.04
Environment Northeast & PACE Energy Project - Model Rule Comments: Outline, Key Issues, ModelingPDF669 KB11.19.04
NY Coalition, Energy Modeling CommentsPDF17 KB11.17.04
AES - Assessment of Public Benefits Set-Aside ConceptPDF45 KB10.11.04
Northeast GHG Coalition - Allowance Allocation MethodologiesPDF109 KB10.11.04
Environment Northeast-Historical CO2 Data for the RGGI RegionPDF294 KB10.6.04
Center for Resource Solutions - Renewable EnergyPDF66 KB9.9.04
Center for Resource Solutions et al. - Detailed Renewable Energy CommentsPDF367 KB9.9.04
National Association of State PIRGs - OffsetsPDF362 KB9.04
Redefining Progress - Allowance AllocationPDF130 KB9.04
Union of Concerned Scientists/Environment Northeast-Energy Modeling (Renewable Energy Assumptions)PDF115 KB8.20.04
Union of Concerned Scientists/Environment Northeast-Energy ModelingPDF115 KB8.20.04
Maine Public Advocate - Macroeconomic ModelingPDF152 KB8.18.04
Nuclear Energy Institute - Energy ModelingPDF21 KB8.6.04
Nature Conservancy - Land-Based OffsetsPDF151 KB8.04
International Paper - OffsetsPDF27 KB7.28.04
Center for Energy & Economic Development - Charles River Associates RGGI Economic AnalysisPDF263 KB7.20.04
Center for Resource Solutions, Integrating Renewable Energy into GHG Trading ProgramsPDF51 KB6.04
Massachusetts Climate CoalitionPDF16 KB6.04
Center for Energy & Economic Development, Study of Alternative Allowance Allocation Methods and CostsPDF152 KB6.04
NY Environmental Coalition - RGGI PlatformPDF14 KB5.18.04
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition - OffsetsPDF127 KB5.18.04
Environment Northeast/UCS et al. - Detailed Energy Modeling CommentsPDF147 KB5.17.04
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition, Allocation to Load Concept Memo (Regulatory Assistance Project)PDF24 KB5.1.04
Environment Northeast et al. - Modeling GuidelinesPDF307 KB4.6.04
NY Coalition - General CommentsPDF18 KB4.2.04
NY Coalition - Detailed CommentsPDF34 KB4.2.04
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition - Model Rule OutlinePDF84 KB3.12.04
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition - Emission Portfolio StandardsPDF207 KB3.12.04
Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Coalition - Energy ModelingPDF70 KB3.12.04
Center for Energy & Economic Development - NE CO2 Analysis (Economic)PDF196 KB8.03
Center for Energy & Economic Development - NE CO2 Analysis (Environmental)PDF130 KB8.03