Original Program Design Materials

Auction Design

In March 2007, the New York Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), on behalf of RGGI states, engaged a research team led by the University of Virginia and Resources for the Future (RFF) to evaluate regional auction design options and make recommendations to the Staff Working Group and Agency Heads for the specifications of a regional RGGI allowance auction. The outcome of this research provided recommendations at a level of specificity that would allow participating states to jointly implement an auction platform and administer an auction, pursuant to design requirements and rules specified by RGGI states.

The research team used experiments (mock auctions in a laboratory setting) to test the performance of a number of auction formats considered good candidates for use in a carbon allowance market. The research team supplemented experimental results with additional analysis of academic literature and other experiences with allowance auctions.

Name Format Size Updated
Final Auction Design Study Report PDF 713 KB 10.26.07
Draft Phase I Auction Design Study Report PDF 1.4 MB 10.26.07
Design Elements for Regional Allowance Auctions  PDF 29KB 03.17.08


Staff Working Group

The Staff Working Group, comprised of representatives from each of the participating states, cooperated to develop documents and analysis to assist each state's implementation of its own CO2 Budget Trading Program.

Below find links to a collection of those documents. 

Name Format Size Updated
Initial Report of the RGGI Emissions Leakage Multi-State Staff Working Group PDF 362KB 3.14.07
Staff Working Group Package Proposal PDF 36.9 KB 8.24.05
Staff Working Group Recommendations at a Glance PDF 71.7 KB 8.24.05
Update on the Status of RGGI PDF 19.8 KB 4.6.05
RGGI Flowchart PDF 78.9 KB 2.2.05
Preliminary Staff Working Group Decision Timeline PDF 12.9 KB 7.26.04
RGGI Action Plan PDF 15.8 KB 3.2.04
RGGI Projects-by-Month PDF 11.3 KB 1.23.04
Draft Outline of Stakeholder Process PDF 11.4 KB 1.18.04
Update on Stakeholder Process Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 18 KB 1.16.04
Update on Energy Modeling Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 27.2 KB 1.16.04
Update on Technical Data & Analysis Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 34.4 KB 1.16.04
Update on Model Rule Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 22.8 KB 1.16.04
Update on Cost-Benefit Analysis Subgroup Activities & Next Steps PDF 20.8 KB 1.16.04
Recommendation on Setting a Base Year PDF 23.1 KB 1.16.04
Model Rule Outline & Identification of Key Policy Decisions PDF 22.9 KB 12.12.03



Documents related to the design of RGGI emissions offsets are available below.

Name Format Size Updated
Analysis Supporting Offsets Limit Recommendation PDF 64.1 KB 8.24.05
RGGI Offsets Limit Analysis XLS 101 KB 8.24.05
Offset Supply Curves XLS 1 MB 7.14.06
RGGI Offset Application & Submittal Materials and Verifier Accreditation Process PDF 67.1 KB 5.14.09
3 Regions Offsets White Paper PDF 354 KB 5.19.10


Topical Workshops

Topical workshops were held to develop aspects of the RGGI design. Presentations, agendas, and materials from these workshops are provided below.

Workshop Format Size Date
Allowance Auction Workshop Presentations
New York, NY
Presented by Resources for the Future
ZIP 4.3 MB 7.20.06
Electric Imports and "Emissions Leakage" Workshop Presentations
South Royalton, VT
Presented by Vermont Law School
ZIP 5.6 MB 6.15.06
Electricity Markets, Reliability & Planning Workshop Presentations
New York, NY
Presented by Regulatory Assistance Project, ISO-NE, NYISO, & PJM
ZIP 776 KB 11.30.04
Allocations & Apportionment Workshop Presentations
Boston, MA
Presented by Pew Center on Global Climate Change, RFF, & WRI
ZIP 2.5 MB 10.14.04
Offsets Workshop Presentations
New York, NY
Presented by Pew Center on Global Climate Change, RFF, & WRI
ZIP 723 KB 6.25.04



Documents related to modeling of electricity markets and RGGI allowances are available below.


REMI Macroeconomic Modeling Results

Name Format Size Updated
Explanation of Projected Retail Impact Analysis PDF 32.1 KB 12.12.05
Projected Retail Impacts and REMI Modeling Results PDF 62.1 KB 11.30.05


IPM Energy Modeling Documents

Updated "RGGI Package" and Reference Cases Format Size Updated
Updated RGGI Package and Reference Cases PDF 71 KB 10.11.06
Updated Output Spreadsheets (Package and Reference Case) ZIP 147 KB 10.11.06
Offsets Summary XLS 18 KB 10.11.06


Offset Supply Curves      
Offsets: Supply Curves for 2006 IPM Modeling XLS 1 MB 7.14.06


Overview of IPM Assumptions Format Size Updated
IPM Energy Modeling Assumptions Document PDF 623 KB 3.22.06


8-State "RGGI Package" and Reference Cases, each with High Emissions Sensitivity Case Format Size Updated
Eight-State Sensitivity Results PDF 121 KB 12.21.05
Output Spreadsheets (8-state Package Case, with High Emissions Sensitivity Case) ZIP 149 KB 12.13.05
Output Spreadsheets (8-state Reference Case, with High Emissions Sensitivity Case) ZIP 149 KB 12.09.05


Very High Emissions Sensitivity Cases Format Size Updated
Very High Emissions Scenario: Plausibility of Modeled Outcomes PDF 48 KB 11.15.05
Offsets: IPM Modeling Assumptions PDF 96 KB 11.14.05
RPS Sensitivity & Very High Emissions Reference & Package Cases PDF 339 KB 10.26.05
Output Spreadsheets (Two additional "Very High Emissions" Package Cases) ZIP 148 KB 10.26.05
Output Spreadsheets ("Very High Emissions" Package and Reference Cases, and a "50% RPS" Reference Sensitivity Case) ZIP 224 KB 10.10.05


"RGGI Package" and Reference Case Development Format Size Updated
IPM Modeling Results - Offsets Summary XLS 74 KB 9.22.05
Updated Reference, RGGI Package & Sensitivities PDF 259 KB 9.21.05
Output Spreadsheets (11 cases, including both Package and Reference cases with various Sensitivities) ZIP 805 KB 9.14.05
Updated Reference & Sensitivities PDF 271 KB 9.8.05
Updated Reference & RGGI Package PDF 177 KB 8.30.05