RGGI, Inc. Documents

As part of RGGI, Inc.'s ongoing work to share best practices for implementation of the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Budget Trading Programs, this section of the website makes available documents related to RGGI, Inc.'s tax filings, scope of work, budget and policies. This section also makes available minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors. RGGI, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. 


Legal DocumentsFormatSize
Certificate of IncorporationPDF324 KB
Organization By-lawsPDF187 KB
W-9PDF273 KB
NY State Tax Exempt CertificatePDF430 KB


Tax FilingsFormatSize
2022 IRS Form 990PDF348 KB
2022 NYS CHAR 500PDF2.1 MB
2021 IRS Form 990PDF548 KB
2021 NYS CHAR 500PDF4.2 MB
2020 IRS Form 990PDF5.5 MB
2020 NYS CHAR 500PDF2.1 MB
2019 IRS Form 990PDF847 KB
2019 NYS CHAR 500PDF2.6 MB
2018 IRS Form 990PDF0.9 MB
2018 NYS CHAR 500PDF0.9 MB
2017 IRS Form 990PDF3.6 MB
2017 NYS CHAR 500PDF1.3 MB
2016 IRS Form 990PDF3.5 MB
2016 NYS CHAR 500PDF1.3 MB
2015 IRS Form 990PDF14.9 MB
2015 NYS CHAR 500PDF2.8 MB
2014 IRS Form 990PDF15 MB
2014 NYS CHAR 500PDF5.8 MB
2013 IRS Form 990PDF4.7 MB
2013 NYS CHAR 500PDF4.2 MB
2012 IRS Form 990PDF877 KB
2012 NYS CHAR 500PDF390 MB
2011 IRS Form 990PDF4 MB
2011 NYS CHAR 500PDF1.6 MB
2010 IRS Form 990PDF2.85 MB
2010 NYS CHAR 500PDF0.81 MB
2009 IRS Form 990PDF2.67 MB
2009 NYS CHAR 500PDF1.04 MB
2008 IRS Form 990PDF1.15 MB
2008 NYS CHAR 500PDF1 MB
2007 IRS Form 990PDF1.66 MB
2007 NYS CHAR 500PDF544 KB


Financial StatementsFormatSize
2024 BudgetPDF95 KB
2023 BudgetPDF44 KB
2022 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF1.7 MB
2022 BudgetPDF141 KB
2021 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF3.6 MB
2021 BudgetPDF35 KB
2020 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF223 KB
2020 BudgetPDF146 KB
2019 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF1.5 MB
2019 BudgetPDF95 KB
2018 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF277 KB
2018 Budget PDF91 KB
2017 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF1.9 MB
2017 BudgetPDF99 KB
2016 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF1.9 MB
2016 BudgetPDF99 KB
2015 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF1.9 MB
2015 BudgetPDF96 KB
2014 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF741 KB
2014 BudgetPDF57 KB
2013 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF129 KB
2013 BudgetPDF75 KB
2012 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF1.8 MB
2012 BudgetPDF81 KB
2011 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF1.4 MB
2011 BudgetPDF91 KB
2010 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF768 KB
2010 BudgetPDF94 KB
2009 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF768 KB
2009 BudgetPDF91 KB
2008 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF580 KB
2008 BudgetPDF78 KB
2007 Year-End Audited Financial StatementsPDF339 KB


Policies and Guidelines of the CorporationFormatSize
Certificate of IncorporationPDF324 KB
Organization By-lawsPDF66 KB
Audit Committee CharterPDF43 KB
Ethical Guidelines & Conflict of Interest (COI) PolicyPDF106 KB
COI Disclosure QuestionnairePDF161 KB
Whistleblower Protection PolicyPDF20 KB
Retention of Business Records PolicyPDF30 KB
Material Information PolicyPDF94 KB
Compliance with Document Request PolicyPDF223 KB
Policy on Pre-Employment Criminal and Financial Background ChecksPDF34 KB
Auction Proceeds Account Management ProtocolPDF311 KB
Guidelines on RGGI, Inc. Board of Directors MeetingsPDF37 KB
Privacy and Personal Information PolicyPDF373 KB


Contracts with StatesFormatSize
ConnecticutPDF5.4 MB
DelawarePDF914 KB
MainePDF1.6 MB
MarylandPDF20 MB
MassachusettsPDF10.9 MB
New HampshirePDF1.6 MB
New JerseyPDF342 KB
New YorkPDF487 KB
Rhode IslandPDF2.6 MB
VermontPDF644 KB